Bundaberg Port Marina, Southern Gateway to The Great Barrier Reef

The most popular port of entry into Australia, Bundaberg Port Marina welcomes visitors from across the globe. They utilize the marina as a “gateway” access point to the Southern Great Barrier Reef as well as a centralised base for their inland adventures.


Bundaberg Port Marina strongly recommends that vessels that plan to arrive in Bundaberg from overseas consider joining the Down Under Rally Go West Rally. Literally, hundreds of vessels have chosen to join the Go West Rally over the past 5 years. Without exception, the owners and crew of these vessels have been very impressed with the support, benefits and value for money provided by the Down Under Rally. For more information about why it makes a lot of sense to join the Go West Rally, please click here

Bio Security Waste Dumping Fee

For many years, we have proudly offered biosecurity waste disposal services at no cost to our valued customers. However, due to increasing operational expenses and regulatory requirements, we can no longer sustain this service without implementing a nominal fee. This fee will help us cover the expenses associated with the safe and compliant disposal of biosecurity waste


From the 01st of September 2023 Bundaberg Port Marina will be charging a disposal fee of $35.00 per vessel and payment will be required prior to departure from the Marina. Vessel owners can assist Bundaberg Port Marina to keep this fee at a minimum by removing as much waste as possible in the last international port and consuming as much of your fresh food goods before arriving in Australian Territory.


We appreciate your understanding, and our team is ready to assist with any information you may need.


Bundaberg Port Marina

Port of Entry

The most popular port of entry into Australia, Bundaberg Port Marina welcomes visitors from across the globe. They utilize the marina as a "gateway" access point to the Southern Great Barrier Reef as well as a centralised base for their inland adventures. Here are 10 convicing reasons why you should head to our complex upon your arrival.

  • The closest Australian port of entry to New Caledonia and Vanuatu (783nm to New Caledonia and 1000nm to Vanuatu)
  • The safest weather route remaining in the subtropical East to the Southeast, avoiding the North Tasman Sea
  • The safest and most accessible port entrance in Queensland and NSW with an easy, all-weather, deep water access into the mouth of the Burnett River
  • Professional and friendly customs and quarantine officers that specialise in small craft arrival
  • Clearance berths located only one nautical mile from the entrance to the river
  • Gateway marina to the Southern Great Barrier Reef and World Heritage-listed Fraser Island
  • Largest dry storage facility on the East Coast with a busy modern hardstand, professional staff, and competitive rates
  • Relaxed marina with quality berths, clean amenities, Wi-Fi, and a courtesy bus into Bundaberg City
  • Walking distance to the Burnett Heads shopping village, hotels and motels, sports clubs, and the beautiful Oaks Beach
  • Great base for travelling by road to discover the inland beauty that Australia has to offer

Bundaberg Port Marina requires your vessel to be covered by insurance while in the premises. 

Some insurance companies may request tie down information for your vessel

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You can take a plane, train, bus, or rental car from Bundaberg. We have a domestic airport with daily flights to Brisbane. Transfers are also available from the marina to the airport and vice versa. In addition, a high-speed tilt train departs daily from the centre of the town, and our courtesy bus can drop you off at the doorstep of the station.

Buses depart from the coach terminal, and our courtesy bus can drop you off there (depending on the departure time). You also have the option of renting a car by by contacting any of the following:

Bundaberg Car Hire: 0418 886 524
Europcar: 1300 131 390
Thrifty: 1300 367 227


Bundaberg has a great reputation for having pleasant, professional customs and quarantine officers. To get clearance to enter Australia, you will need to notify the Australian Border Force at least 96 hours prior to your arrival at the port. You may contact them via email at yachtreport@homeaffairs.gov.au

GPS waypoint for the middle, outer entrance to the Burnett River:

South 24.45.622 

East 152.23.042

When you are approximately 10 nautical miles out from the port, you should call VMR 488 (Volunteer Marine Rescue Bundaberg) on VHF Channel 81. They have been instructed by customs and quarantine officers to request the following information:

  • Vessel name
  • Full names of the master of vessel and crew members onboard
  • Nationalities of the master of vessel and crew members onboard
  • Your last port of call
  • Any sick or injured people on board the vessel
  • Pets or animals on board the vessel

From here, you will be instructed to contact the Bundaberg Port Marina for berthing details on the quarantine dock. We recommend that you eat any food you have because the quarantine officers will remove the majority of your edible supplies upon arrival.

If you have significant growth on your hull when you arrive, quarantine officers will inspect it with an underwater camera and then decide if the growth is a threat to the marine environment of Australia. They will then advise you if it’s necessary to haul out and have the growth removed.

Finally, once you have entered the “runway” or shipping leads, proceed up the deep water channel (10 meters LOA) and turn to port past channel marker 16. You have arrived at the “Land of OZ,” and you will soon be assisted by our owners or staff who will help with tying up at the quarantine berth and greet you with a friendly, “Welcome to OZ!”

For more information email us at info@bundabergportmarina.com.au.

Helpful Links

Australian Border Force: immi.homeaffairs.gov.au

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Bundaberg Port Marina

15-17 Marina Drive

Port Bundaberg QLD 4670
Phone (+617) 4159 5066
Email info@bundabergportmarina.com.au

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