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Cruising the Southern Great Barrier Reef “Where Great Begins”

Southeast Queensland has by far one of the best climates you can come across. When you combine beautiful warm, sunny weather with the even more exquisite sailing opportunities, how can you go wrong! Ranging from the glorious coastlines of 1770, to the spectacular snorkelling and diving at Lady Musgrave and Lady Eliiott Island, there are views and attractions that will satisfy all needs of cruisers travelling along the Queensland coast.

Lady Musgrave Island

Located approximately 52 nautical miles North of the Bundaberg Port Marina is Lady Musgrave Island. This world heritage site is a part of the Southern Great Barrier Reef, and is known for its pristine waters and diverse marine life. The island itself takes home to a unique range flora and fauna, which many visitors are lucky enough to encounter. The lagoon itself is ideal for snorkeling, with water depths being between 5m to 9m.

Lady Elliot Island

Lady Elliot Island lies 46 nautical miles North-East of Bundaberg and also forms part of the coral cays in the Southern Great Reef. Different to Musgrave, Elliot requires a short flight to reach this piece of paradise. Also different to Musgrave, Lady Elliot has Eco accommodation, restaurants and other facilities on the island. Lady Elliot is identified as being 'home of the manta ray', however the range of marine life is endless.

1770, Agnes Waters and Pancake Creek

Just North of Bundaberg is the coastal towns of 1770 and Agnes Waters. Both places provide glorious views of the coast of Southern Queensland, and tell there historic tales of origination. These towns are both lovely to visit, however if wishing to visit by boat, the shallow nature of this area can usually be an issue for many vessels, so it is recommended only for catamarans.

North of 1770 is Eurimbula National Park, which surrounds areas such as Pancake Creek, Jenny Lind Creek and Rodds Bay. Many cruisers visit Pancake Creek each year as it provides excellent depth and shelter for those heading North. This area has many great sight seeing opportunities, with places like Turkey Beach, Bustard Head Lighthouse and Aircraft Beach being all within close proximity.

Fraser Island

Located just off the coast of Harvey Bay, is Fraser Island. Notorious for it's scenic structure, and of course, Dingoes, Fraser Island is a top hit for cruisers chasing diversity within their travelling adventures. An extensive array of breath taking sights flood this island, with visitors experiencing beautiful beaches, bays, creeks, lakes and rainforests, just to name a few.

Many sailors opt to travel through the Great Sandy Straits, a sheltered waterway separating the mainland from Fraser Island. The Great Sandy Strait is an angler’s paradise, full of coral reefs, snag-ridden holes, fish-laden gutters and flat sandy shallows.